View from Level 16, High Bay 3, Shuttle holding area, Vehicle Assembly Building, Kennedy Space Center, October 2015


View From Level 16, High Bay 3, Shuttle Holding Area, Vehicle Assembly Building, Kennedy Space Center. The 129,428,000 cubic feet in volume Vehicle Assembly Building is like a giant erector set that is reconfigured within as NASA's space vehicle systems evolve. First designed to service the giant Saturn V rockets of the Apollo era, it was reconfigured to service the Space Shuttle Orbiters. The north entry of the transfer aisle had to be widened by 40 feet for the Shuttle to fit through and a slot in the upper center of the entrance created at the north entry to allow passage of the vehicle's vertical stabilizer. Once inside the VAB, a Shuttle Orbiter would be lifted and transferred into the appropriate bay by one of the cranes mounted in the building's steel structure above. For attachment to its external fuel tank and other servicing, a Space Shuttle Orbiter would be delicately maneuvered down into these platforms from above. The VAB is now being prepared for the Space Launch System (SLS). The Sky Calls To Us, a folio of fine photographic prints of the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

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Memphis Barbree