Iron Worker, Grinding Steel, High Bay 3, Renovation For SLS, Vehicle Assembly Building, Kennedy Space Center, September 2015


"I've fallen a couple of times....yeah it hurts." Ironworker, Vehicle Assembly Building. The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) has been undergoing a massive renovation in preparation to house several different kinds of rockets and spacecraft simultaneously. One of the main craft it is being prepared for is the SLS (Space Launch System) - similar to but even larger than the Apollo mission Saturn V rocket that the building was originally built to service. The refurbishment and modernization project includes removing approximately 150 miles of Apollo and Shuttle era cabling from high bays 1 and 3. This will make room for installation of modern command, communication and control systems needed for future vehicle service and testing. The Sky Calls To Us, a folio of fine photographic prints of The John F. Kennedy Space Center.

Memphis Barbree