Diesel Engine Exhaust, The Crawler Transporter #1, Kennedy Space Center, September 2015


NASA's Crawler Transporter #1, at Kennedy Space Center, has two 10,687.7-cubic-inch-displacement (175.1 liters) liquid-cooled, turbosupercharged, ALCO (American Locomotive Company) V-16 251C 45° sixteen-cylinder 4-cycle diesel engines. Each engine produces 2,750 horsepower. They power four 1,000 kilowatt electric generators that supply electricity to sixteen 375 horsepower traction motors. Two 1,065 horsepower White-Superior eight-cylinder diesel engines provide electrical and hydraulic power for operation of the Crawlers’ laser guidance, leveling and other systems. The hydraulic system operates at 5,200 p.s.i. The vehicle's fuel tanks hold 5,000 U.S. gal of diesel fuel. Crawler #1 fuel use is 125.7 U.S. gal/mi.

Crawler Transporter #2 has been undergoing upgrades to be prepared to hall the heavier payloads of the upcoming SLS (Space Launch System).


Memphis Barbree