Kathleen Ventura-Herrera- Specialist, Combat Medic, U.S. Womens Army Corps


Kathleen Ventura-Herrera, a Specialist in the Women's Army Corps and Combat Medic veteran, was stationed at Ft McClellan for Basic Training from October 1969 to January 1970. She began experiencing health problems while at Ft McClellan and continues to have health issues that she doesn't see in her family history. She is concerned that she has passed health issues down to her daughter that was born after Kathleen served at Ft McClellan and that problems have also continued on to her grandchildren. Hear some of Kathleen's story in the audio clip above. Service Dog, Dixie Doodle helps Kathleen with her symptoms from MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and PTSD. Listen to part of Kathleen's story, in her own words, in the audio file above.

Memphis Barbree