Michael Easterday - Specialist, Military Police, U.S. Army


Michael "Mike" Easterday was stationed at Fort McClellan from April to August 1992 for Basic Training and Military Police AIT training.

Mike’s story includes his own experiences and what he has seen in the lives of other soldiers stationed at Fort McClellan. He talks of odd injuries, bone problems, miscarriages, missing medical records, surgeries gone wrong, and financial hardship. He has known soldiers who developed emotional and mental problems that he believes may be linked to toxic exposures and sees symptoms and illnesses among his fellow Fort McClellan veterans that echo those of Vietnam veterans who were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange.

Mike has memory problems (he’s 55 years old), arthritis and four titanium plates in his neck and back. After the back surgery he lost the use of his right arm. After his surgeries he was unable to work and went through his $4,000 life savings before getting assistance with a disability claim from the office of Harold Trent Franks, former Republican Congressman from Arizona’s 8th congressional district.

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