Kirstin Marie Cender - Private First Class, Military Police, U.S. Women Army Corps


Kirstin Marie Cender, Private First Class, MP (Military Police), was stationed at Fort McClellan for Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) from June 1978 to September 1978. Kirsten joined the army and trained for the Military Police Corp with the goal of becoming an attorney. She was in the last WAC (Womens Army Corps) battalion to train at Fort McClellan. The times were challenging ones for women in the armed forces and Kirstin's story is one of both symptoms and illness related to toxic exposure and MST (Military Sexual Trauma). It has been a very long road of healing for Kirstin and her relationship with her service Chihuahua Shirlie and other two dogs is a very big part of her life. Listen to part of Kirstin's story, in her own words, in the audio file above.

Memphis Barbree