Jasper Ussery - Master Sergeant, Medic, U.S. Army


Jasper Eugene Ussery enlisted in the Army in 1952 because “I was working in a cotton mill and I didn’t like it.” He spent 21 years in the U.S. Army as a medic. He served in Vietnam and described his duty there as “a terrible job”, but he loved his time in the Army. “The army was good to me and I was good to the Army.” He also speaks highly of the treatment he receives at his regional VA Medical Center in Tuskegee, Alabama.

In 1962, Jasper was sent to Fort McClellan for CBR (Chemical, Biological & Radiological) School. He describes his training as including open air testing of nerve agents on a rabbit and a goat. He also tells of training exercises in which his class of soldiers were sent out to search for toxic sites around post by helicopter.

Jasper, now 87 years old, has a 100% disability rating for his exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange during his time in Vietnam. He feels that his condition is worse due toxins he was exposed to at Fort McClellan. “I don’t think I should have all these symptoms that I have including … kidneys shutting down…had to be operated on my back….” Listen to some of Jasper's story in his words in the audio clip above. 

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