Dee Felix - Specialist, Military Police, U.S. Army


Dee Felix was stationed at Fort McClellan from January to the end of May 1985 for Basic Training and Military Police school.

Her health problems began with reproductive system issues, like pain and heavy bleeding. Her first son was born deaf, two years after she left Fort McClellan. He also has experienced breathing issues and ADD, ADHD and impulse control difficulties.

Brushed off by male doctors who suggested her reproductive problems were psychiatric in nature, at the age of 29, she finally found a female physician who did a laparoscopy and found endometriosis that was so bad she had to have a hysterectomy, that included a partial bladder removal and later a gallbladder removal. Body and joint pain, migraines, chronic insomnia, pulmonary issues and depression have also been among her health problems since being stationed at Fort McClellan. Listen to Dee's story in her own words in the short audio clip above.

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