Chris Green - Private First Class, Pershing Missile Electronics and Computer Repair Technician, U.S. Army


Chris Green was stationed at Fort McClellan in 1979 for Basic Training.

The only health issues he remembers during his time at the Army installation in Alabama were a two-week bout with laryngitis and, toward the end of training, difficulty with his mental processes - confusion and trouble thinking clearly. He also says that there was a strange smell constantly in the air. “The smell of the environment was like nothing I’d ever smelled before. There was this strange, starchy, weird smell.” 

After Basic Training, Chris left Fort McClellan for Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama, where he attended AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for Missile Electronics Repair Technician. He left the Army as a Conscientious Objector, just after graduation from AIT, as a result of a “turn of heart” he had while attending Bible study sessions on post.

Once Chris reached his 50s, he began experiencing a wide range of health issues: difficulties with his teeth, skin issues, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and red blotches that continue to spread across his torso. Three years ago, he suddenly had stabbing pains in his upper back that woke him up at night and he began coughing up blood. After three visits the the VA Emergency Room did not reveal any issues, he visited his primary care physician where a CT scan revealed that he had multiple blood clots in his left lung. His daughter, born after his time at Fort McClellan, has Antiphospholipid syndrome, a disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks normal proteins in the blood. It caused her issues during her pregnancy.

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