A lifetime is many millions of seconds - moments - strung together. When we blink we miss seeing a fraction of a second - sleep and we miss hours. In the millions of moments of our lives there are also so many many layers of the moments - things seen from different perspectives, experienced through different filters of consciousness. In other words, we experience a moment depending on where we stand, where we look, how fast we’re moving, how tall we are, when we blink, what mind-frame we’re in and on and on.

I photograph moments that I encounter in this lifetime of mine - freezing moments that come to me like bolts of lightning. I make a photograph when I feel electricity, when I sense something breaking through the din of the background of existence. It can be something radically transformative or just a little bit different from the usual pattern of molecules swirling through the cosmos around me: a bolt of lightning through a midnight sky on a lonely mesa; a beggar asking penniless monks for a handout on the streets of Dharamsala, India; a young billy goat making his first leap into the air on a small farm in Vermont; the magic glow of a short-lived moment of afternoon light on  steel in the historic Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center; a freshly hatched sea turtle entering the Gulf of Mexico at dawn.

I work in Color and Black & White. Trained in classical Black & White photography, light and shadow are paramount to me. I practice the craft of the fine photographic print - digitally produced archival inkjet prints and hand-made platinum and platinum-palladium prints. For my fine art work, I am known to be involved in the entire workflow: photographic exposure, processing, print, matting, and framing in personally handcrafted frames. For special printing processes, such as Dye Sublimation on aluminum prints, I work with the finest labs in the world for superior, beautiful presentations.

I work on self-assigned projects that I then offer as fine prints and I accept commissions for documentary projects - factories, historic events, threatened places of beauty or historic interest. I have a 30ft Airstream travel trailer that I use as a mobile studio to be on site for extended projects. Being onsite or very nearby gives time for unique moments to happen and be recorded - for great photographs to be made.

If my work speaks to you, and you would like to acquire prints for a space or a collection or if you have a project you would like to commission me to work on, I look forward to hearing from you.