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The Moment

The moment – a brief, unspecified amount of time.

A sunny morning in 2001, I made this photograph of a sunflower in the garden of a small house in which I was living in Nambe, New Mexico. I made the photograph and then stood there looking at the flower and thinking about the moment – a brief, unspecified amount of time. It suddenly seemed to me a very reasonable and worthy practice to devote the entirety of my foreseeable future to a moment, the moment, and so I began.

I approach photography as a practice of meditation, an art of witnessing, experiencing, communing, and sharing. It is an opportunity to be present, right here, right now, wherever I am, with both an inner and outer experience of life. At every moment is an opportunity to pause, to enter a place of silence, to open to and connect deeply with the world around me. Any separation perceived between ourselves and the rest of existence is created by the mind, the intellect. To be captured by and to dive in to a moment, offers a chance to stop the mind,  pause the intellect, and to enter a more full and real perception and experience of life.



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