Notes On Light

A collection of notes from my contemplations about my work, traveling, printing, photography, existence and art - as I explore life and earth in search of....

Base Camp Santa Fe, New Mexico


It's been over 19,000 miles since I was last among these Pinon trees in April. My life goes by in miles these days, rather than days or hours. Every mile I've experienced, since my last stop at base camp in Santa Fe, is emblazoned in my memory and some made it into photographs. I'll be back in New Mexico for a bit now - doing some work on the Airstream, preparing to teach some workshops, writing, printing, and enjoying fall in New Mexico. When asked how my trip was, I say, it's not over. Everywhere is camp for me and everywhere I camp is home...I've just stopped in at base camp for a bit. The trip IS good. Light, Memphis