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Moon Shadow - Lake Simtustus, Madras, Oregon August 2017

Last Second of Totality, Solar Eclipse, Lake Simtustus, Madras, Oregon August 21, 2017

Last Second of Totality, Solar Eclipse, Lake Simtustus, Madras, Oregon August 21, 2017

A film of fine, gray ash coated picnic tables. A brown haze of wildfire smoke hung heavily in the air. A small flock of geese passed noisily overhead, heading west. Night birds began cooing and a water bird quietly cruised the shoreline of the lake down the hill. Then, came a very distinct change in the light shining through the smoke haze. The world began to appear as if seen through a deep blue tinted window. A dog up the hill began a worried barking, on alert that something wasn't quite right in its universe. Then, suddenly, rapidly, it was dark. This wasn't a dark like night or dusk darkness. It was a dark like a highway tunnel through a mountainside, or the dim glow of LED emergency lights in a corporate building hallway when the power grid has gone down. It was the glow of another realm. An odd cyan glow filled the spaces between things and seemed to come from everywhere, yet nowhere. The ceiling of day was momentarily split, the illusion of separation from the void of space temporarily removed. Revealed, were the dark depths of space to the creatures of earth and sun light.  The dominance of the human world evaporated and the expanse of heavens made themselves known. A thin ring of light hovered in the darkness. And then, just as suddenly as it arrived, the darkness left. The ceiling of blue sky was once again in place and there was no visible trace of what had just happened.

I created a series of images of the sun and moon during the totality phase of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The folio is now available for purchase on my website - Purchase Here. The folio is $300, but until Monday, September 4, 2017 it is available for $150 plus shipping. This is a rare moment that I discount my work.

The folio consists of 5 prints, plus a colophon page and list of prints. It is packaged in a black, archival, paper folio. The prints can be framed individually or as a series. This folio could also be treated as an unbound book and kept in the folio cover. The prints are Archival Pigment Prints created with Epson Ultrachrome HD inks on a 300 gsm, 22.5 mil, 100% cotton rag fine art paper.