Notes On Light

A collection of notes from my contemplations about my work, traveling, printing, photography, existence and art - as I explore life and earth in search of....

How I Roll

In 1989, I sat on a hillside and declared to a friend that I saw life as but a series of journeys woven together - a continuous expedition and exploration. There is no "home" only base camp and wherever I am is home. Base camp from there on, I said, would be - and still is - Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sometimes my travel has been by automobile, other times airplane, and still other times by foot. In 2015 my travel tool became a silver Toyota Tundra towing a 27 foot Airstream travel trailer named Endeavour. In the spring of 2017, that evolved into a RAM diesel towing a 30 foot Airstream travel trailer named Taj M'Haul.


By whatever form or tool and wherever I am moving on the planet, I am on my continuing expedition in search of light, stories, truth, and expressions of the oneness of all things.