Tropical Storms

There's a particular feeling in the air when tropical storms or hurricanes are near. The breeze feels different than other breezes. There's a presence, a heaviness and charge that other storms don't have.

The Sky Calls To Us - Photographs of The John F. Kennedy Space Center

I've started posting entries from my journey through The John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida. I'll be sharing them on my website regularly:  and on my instagram account and my facebook pages - & I hope you'll check in and enjoy them.

Moon Day and The Doorway To Space

When I photographed Kennedy Space Center and stepped into the Vehicle Assembly Building - VAB as it's known - I stood in the door and looked up. I felt as if I were standing in the doorway to space.  It was and is here, in the VAB, that rockets are assembled and then taken out to the launch pads. It was here that Apollo 11 - the rocket that carried astronauts for the first moon landing - was assembled. This is why I made the first image of my series on Kennedy Space Center look as if I was looking up into space - in a sense, I was.