Everything we see is light - not objects, not things, only light. We don't see water, we see the waves of light reflecting off the water. We don't see mountains, we see the light reflected by the mountains.

My life is a continuous journey, an exploration and a contemplation in search of the truths held by mystery. Light reveals those truths. I follow light wherever it leads me. I often find myself in open spaces - the places we call nature. I contemplate natural and human history, I wander broad and intimate landscapes and travel into the eternity of the moment. I photograph and write about my journeys, my work, my wanderings and my wonderings. I am trained in classical Black & White Photography and Fine Photographic Printing - Archival Pigment and Platinum-Palladium Process. Images made in my travels, that I consider important, I make into fine art prints - often in boxed folio collections.

My complete folios and prints are available to view and purchase by private appointment and a select few are available from time to time on this website and advertised via social media and my online journal, called Stories Of Light. I invite you to follow my journal and social media accounts.  

Acquire select prints from my folios from Edition ONE Gallery on 1stdibs.com


Explore my galleries for my most current offerings and contact me for 2018 availability and price list.

Farm Friends

Fine Photographic Prints depicting the lives of the farm animals of small farms of Vermont.

The Sky Calls To Us

Fine Photographic Prints from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida