More About Platinum

More information on the platinum process for photography students and anyone interested in learning the process...

There are so many really great photographers working in the platinum process I can't begin to know or name them all and list all the great info that is out there. I did want to, however, make a space to offer some info and photographers that I am familiar with and who are working in platinum for anyone beginning the journey into platinum and alternative process printing.

Wikipedia entry on the platinum process.

A book by master platinum printer and professor Dick Arentz on the process. 

A really helpful book by alternative process maestro Christopher James. Christopher also teaches the platinum process, among many others.

A very helpful pdf by David Michael Kennedy available online. David is a master of the platinum print and teaches the process.

A general starter guide by Joe Lipka online.

Bostick and Sullivan are suppliers of alternative processing papers, chemicals, and supplies. They also offer workshops on platinum and other processes.

Mark Nelson and Precision Digital Negatives - a system for creating digital negatives for platinum printing.

Dan Burkholder - a photographer with a system for creating digital negatives for platinum printing.

Dan's book for creating digital negatives.