The definitive, master work of photography is the print. 

A master print is defined by its presence and is created by the articulation of tones and a quality of light.  This presence results from authentic vision, elegant workflow and processing skills that enable an artist to breath uniqueness, spirit and life into a print. This is the giant leap beyond a two dimensional photograph and into a multi-dimensional image that draws the viewer into it and transmits what the artist felt when making the photograph. 

The fine print represents, to me, an expressive object of beauty and excellence. The difference between a very good print and a fine print is quite subtle and difficult, if not impossible, to describe in words. There is a feeling of satisfaction in the presence of a fine print - and uneasiness with a print that falls short of optimum quality.      

- Ansel Adams, The Print

This workshop is about the relationship of light, artistic authenticity and presence. As artists and photographers, we are the channel through which a master print finds its way into being. Our perceptual abilities must be finely tuned and continually honed. In this workshop we will cover a clear workflow, terms, practices, and the perceptual and technical skills necessary to achieve a master black and white photographic print. Participants spend four days practicing their perceptual and photographic skills using the powerful tools in Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve master prints. 

The workflow and tools presented have been developed from an artistic lineage of classic, photographic practice and adapted to the current age of digital printing.  The groundwork for this workshop was developed over 30 years by master photographer and popular teacher, George DeWolfe, himself a student of Ansel Adams, Minor White and Dr. Richard Zakia.

Needed for this workshop: basic digital printing skills and an intermediate knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom and digital camera operation. As preparation for taking this workshop, we encourage a knowledge of George DeWolfe’s, B&W Printing book (available from and

This workshop is currently next scheduled for December  3-7, 2018 at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

Truly, the class was such an eye-opener to me.  After trying YouTube videos, Creative Live classes and Adobe tutorials, I just wasn’t getting there.  My biggest takeaway from your class was the (relatively) simple workflow.  Gone is wondering about all those crazy tools in Photoshop (though I’m sure I’ll learn some of them in the time ahead).  While there’s still a lot to do in creating a “masterpiece,” that seems more in reach, maybe even attainable.  Thank you again for the excellent training! - Allen Bourne