Hi there, I’m Memphis Barbree.

The basic story of me is that I make photographs to share the stories of what matters to me, what inspires me, what shows up with something to say to me. I hope I can make these moments, people, places, thoughts and things matter to you too.

I am and have been a lot of things in my life, but for well over a decade now I have focused on creating museum quality fine prints of the photographs that I make. I also hope that the stories held in my prints will inspire others and continue on into the future.

I studied in-depth the art of the fine photograph and print with a man named George DeWolfe, who learned from Ansel Adams and Minor White. He’s retired now, and if you’re not a photographer you may not know of him. In the fine art photography world, George is a master of the craft.

When George retired he asked me to take over his Black & White Master Print workshop. I taught this workshop at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Currently, I’m not teaching to focus on creating and sharing my work.

To acquire prints please contact Edition ONE gallery: 728 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - 505.570.5385 -