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Stories of Light - Fine Art Photographs of mystery, oneness and light.

Photographer - Writer - Photographic Fine Prints - Commissions

I am continually traveling, searching for the stories of light. My subjects are most often moments and places of beauty and historical significance. I'm interested in the processes of nature, history - natural and human, broad and intimate landscapes, and stories that intend to uplift humanity and make life better for all inhabitants.

My complete folios and prints are available to view and purchase by private appointment and a select few are available online through this website.

Current teaching engagements at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and The Compelling Image
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I'm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
but am often traveling North America in an Airstream that is a fully equipped studio. 

"It is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer
any more than the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer."
- Dorothea Lange


Transcript of my slideshow biography.

Somewhere along the way in life I came to believe that everything’s alive. Some things just move slower or faster than we can see. They speak a language we can’t hear or understand. That’s what my photographs are about – the stories of the spirit of life that’s all around us. It’s in the nuances of a moment, lingering in the shadows, dwelling in the subtle spaces between everyday things. Photography, black and white or color, is a way for me to connect with the world around me and discover its stories.

I like black and white images for their simplicity, clarity and abstraction. They can immediately take us to a different world, help us see even everyday as extraordinary. Color images can relate events to the present moment and sometimes – actually most of the time – the story for me is simply the color of the light. Working on projects gives me a chance to delve deeply into a place and to tell the many stories that can be contained in a moment of time.

In the Wake is a collection of images made in southern India and Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami. I was on my way to India to photograph tiger preserves when the tsunami hit. I changed plans and headed for the coasts, stayed 3 months instead of one and returned again the next year. I spent part of my time there with a spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi, known around the world as Amma. I followed along as she and her devotees helped people on the coasts survive and recover. As I was working I realized that more than anything I was serving as a witness. My camera and I gave survivors a moment to express whatever they needed to – pain, defeat, triumph.  Being photographed offered validation – a moment to experience that someone else cared about what was going on as everyone searched for food, shelter and struggled to pick up their lives literally one piece at a time.

The Gulf Project began when the BP oil well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. I was driving across the country and heard the news while filling up at one of those interstate gas pumps that plays things at you when you put your credit card in it. I grew up on the Gulf Coast in Florida. My story is a pilgrimage from the US – Mexico border to the Dry Tortugas – every bit of sand, marsh or water that I could put my feet in, and some that I couldn’t. It’s a project about the beauty, tragedies and life of the Gulf in and beyond the human experience.

How I got started in photography is a long story, but the short of it is that in 1987 I was writing for a newspaper. I was envious of the news photographers and looked over their shoulders whenever I got a chance. One day an editor handed me a camera to take along for a travel piece – that’s how I started.

I was trained as a writer early in life and because I consider myself an artist and a storyteller, who often happens to use a camera, writers are some of my most important photography teachers. They’ve taught me about detail of place, character, nuance and that I need to take time to watch – take a good deep look below the surface – and to tell a good story I need to transcend the everyday while being a part of it.

Photography can be a powerful tool. Photographers can change the world one moment, one person, one image at a time.