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Farm Friends began in 2008, while I was living in Vermont. My spouse was doing a medical internship and residency at the University of Vermont in Burlington and it was a very challenging time in our lives and the beginning of the Great Recession. For relaxation and renewal we found ourselves seeking the company of the farm animals and beautiful fields and wooded paths of Shelburne Farms in nearby Shelburne, Vermont. I of course always had my camera in tow and began photographing them. They were of such innocence and purity of spirit and gave their images to me freely and easily.

In 2009, there came about a "Swine Flu" epidemic. I decided that the pigs were getting a bad rap for it all. Just for the fun of it, I called a local farmer and asked if I could spend some time with and photograph her pigs. She just happened to have a fresh batch of young and a mother that she thought would let me in the pen with them. Well, that began my regular visits to that and a variety of other farms around central and southern Vermont until I left the state in the spring of 2010. 

Farm Friends is purely about fun, joy, community, communion with the creatures of the farm and - as always - light.

May my work enrich your world.



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